Telephone Surveys

Mustel Group operates our own dedicated computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) facility in Vancouver, employing a regular staff of telephone interviewers, all of whom have completed rigorous training and are well versed in market and opinion research. We are proud that Statistics Canada has requested our telephone interviewing manual, a testimony to the excellence of our training procedures. To enhance response rates among non-English speaking residents, Mustel Group employs multi-lingual staff to conduct interviews, as needed, in Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi and French, as well as other European and Asian languages.

When conducting telephone surveys, we use multi-stage, industry-standard random selection techniques. For studies among the general public, the household and the eligible individual within the household are randomly selected. To minimize response bias, we employ a callback procedure whereby multiple attempts are made to reach a selected household and individual.

Web Surveys

Mustel Group is equipped to quickly and efficiently conduct web surveys. For quantitative web surveys we use our proprietary Giving Opinions online panel—unique in being entirely randomly recruited by telephone. Click here for more details.

Personal Intercept Surveys

For 25 years and counting Mustel Group has developed extensive experience conducting small and large-scale onsite surveys using a well-trained and award winning experienced team of professional intercept interviewers all over British Columbia. We regularly conduct product and advertising evaluations, customer satisfaction, location analysis and other types of onsite research in shopping malls, retail outlets and other public venues such as airports, entertainment and recreation facilities. Our professional staff has the knowledge and experience to guarantee representative samples of visitors every time.

Business-to-Business Surveys/Executive Interviewing

Mustel Group is frequently called upon to conduct business-to-business surveys, which are typically undertaken to identify client satisfaction levels, needs and concerns. Often conducted at the executive level, these specialized surveys demand and are assigned only to our most senior interviewers. These individuals possess the training and experience necessary to conduct long, involved interviews with senior executives, often covering complex, technical subjects that require familiarity with industry language.

We have access to business databases that enable us to conduct projectable surveys among businesses or workers in specific markets. Our experience in this area ranges from business stakeholder or customer satisfaction to evaluating demand for products and services among businesses to testing advertising and communication programs.

Door-to-Door Surveys

Though no longer widely used, Mustel Group offers door-to-door surveying for specialized projects that require this methodology. Examples include updating contact information or new occupancies to develop an accurate census of addresses in a small geographic area where postal and/or tax rolls may not be complete, or situations where language or cultural barriers may be better overcome with person-to-person recruitment or interviewing.

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