The marketing research ‘toolbox’ consists of two main types of research methodologies: quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative research – most often conducted in the form of telephone, mail, Internet or online surveys – is the best known, and provides us with the ‘stats’ that we all love to share over the dinner table – “Did you know that one-in-four adults don’t eat breakfast?”

Underlying such fascinating statistics, however, are the equally fascinating reasons for their existence in the first place. While the question ‘why?’ can be, and often is, asked in quantitative studies to determine the reasons underlying peoples’ opinions, behaviour and perceptions, very often those reasons are complex, deep-seated and/or difficult to uncover. Responses to ‘why’ questions on quantitative surveys, therefore, often help only to scratch the surface of our understanding of the research issue.

This is where qualitative research comes into the picture. Including in-depth interviews, mini-groups and focus groups, and using a variety of specialized techniques, qualitative research digs deep to gain an understanding of the thoughts and motivations underlying peoples’ emotions, opinions and behaviours.

Mustel Group offers a full range of qualitative research services together with the skill and insight to uncover what really matters to the respondents. We have extensive experience on a wide variety of topics for both public and private sector clients.

  • Communications research into creative marketing messages, packaging and advertising
  • Analysis of underlying motivations, beliefs and attitudes in specific product or service categories
  • Studies to guide the introduction of new products

Senior consultants oversee all project activities, including information needs assessment, recruitment, discussion guide development, moderating and report writing, ensuring the integrity of the research at every stage.

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