How does it work?

At least four times a year, we conduct province-wide and Greater Vancouver omnibus surveys. The cost is shared across a range of clients, which allows us to offer results at a much cheaper rate than a purpose built research study.

Each Omnibus survey has at least 500 interviews with adult residents from across British Columbia. We also offer a Greater Vancouver Omnibus consisting of 500 interviews. Our Omnibus samples are drawn at random from a database of continuously updated telephone listings that include the most recently published exchanges and the newest listings.  With the inclusion of cell phone sample as standard we are able to ensure the widest possible coverage of the population.

Each Omnibus sample is strictly controlled to make sure that it accurately reflects the structure of the population in the region, which means you can interpret the results with confidence that they are truly representative of the population at large.

Typically, we have a three-week turnaround on our Omnibus from deadline for question submission to receipt of data tables. When required, we will do everything possible to accommodate requests for a shorter time-frame.

Prices per question are as follows:

  • Item Bank: $250
  • Closed End: $500
  • Open End: $825

Included in this cost is assistance with question development, fielding, data processing and data table production. Quotations for data interpretation and report writing are available. For more information on our next Omnibus, please contact us .

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