1. Listen and Understand

First, we listen and understand. If we don’t understand your business well enough to know what you are trying to achieve, and what are the important dynamics at play, we wouldn’t have a hope of developing an effective research program for you.

2. Design the Study

Then we design the study – we create a customized research plan for getting you the results you need.

3. Project Proposal

In this step, we lay out clearly the entire process and commit ourselves to a cost, a timeframe, and our client’s complete satisfaction with the study – see our client charter.

4. Research Investigation

Once the proposal is accepted we develop the research investigation in detail – the questionnaire, or in the case of qualitative work, the discussion guide or lines of inquiry.

5. Data Collection

Then it is on to the fieldwork – data collection. We take careful measures to ensure that every aspect of the fieldwork is managed according to the project plan.

6. Analysis

In this step, we figure out what the results mean, and how they can be applied to benefit you.

7. Report

Finally we report back to you on the results and our conclusions.

8. Absolute Dedication

Our own secret ingredient: The absolute dedication you find only at Mustel Group that makes every research project a resounding success.

Our Values

Ethical Research

Ethical Research

All of Mustel Group’s senior consultants are members in good standing with the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association.

Quality Control

Quality Control

For all projects undertaken at Mustel Group, no matter how large or small, a standard and rigorous quality control process is adhered to. This process ensures our clients receive high quality, actionable data.

We respect your privacy

We respect your privacy

Like everything we do, privacy of personal information we collect is something we take very seriously. We have always restricted the information provided by research respondents solely to the project concerned.
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