British Columbians weigh in on the overdose crisis and youth substance use prevention

In July 2020, the InnerChange Foundation coordinated with Mustel Group to conduct a survey among British Columbians concerning the awareness and perceptions about substance use, prevention, and programs targeted for youth. The survey was conducted on a panel generated through random sampling, separated into three age groups: 1) 12-17 years; 2) 18-24 years; 3) 25 years and over. A total of 659 individuals participated.

Key Findings
• 29% of young adults said a peer aged 18-24 had experienced a drug overdose.
• 38% of adults 25+ know someone personally who has had an overdose.
• 58% of British Columbians feel the public health response to the drug overdose crisis in B.C. has been somewhat insufficient or not sufficient at all.
• 74% of young adults and 83% aged 25+ agree that the provincial government should in-crease spending on making prevention of high-risk substance use and overdose a higher priority.
• 90% support implementing mental health and substance use prevention programs into the high school curriculum.

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