Your participation in legitimate marketing, social or public opinion research is very important to us. We value your honest feedback and your time. Your opinions help companies develop new products, make existing ones better, and improve customer service. Your views also assist governments and non-profit organizations in advancing laws and policies that are in the public interest.

Our relationship with you is based on respect, trust and goodwill. When you participate in research conducted by our firm, or by any other corporate member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA), you can be assured that:

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You will always be told the first name of the person contacting you, the research company’s name and the nature of the study.


You can verify that the research you have been invited to participate in is legitimate in one of two ways. You can either obtain a registration number and the MRIA’s toll-free telephone number for any research registered with MRIA’s Research Registration System or you can obtain the contact information of the research director who is conducting the study.


You will not be sold anything or asked for money.


Your privacy and the privacy of your answers will be respected and strictly preserved in accordance with the organization’s privacy policy and applicable federal and provincial laws.


You will be contacted at reasonable times, but if the time is inconvenient, you may ask to be re-contacted at a more convenient time.


You are entitled to know the approximate duration of the interview.


Your decision to participate in a study, answer specific questions, or discontinue your participation will be respected without question.


You will be informed in advance if the interview will be recorded and the intended use of the recording. You may choose not to proceed with the interview if you do not want it to be recorded.


You are assured that the highest standards of professional conduct will be upheld throughout all stages of the study.