Your voice counts! By participating in marketing, social and public opinion research, your opinions help influence the things that matter most to you. This includes government policies and programs and the development of products and services that better meet your needs. We recognize that your continued participation and willingness to share your opinions is based on trust and respect.

When you participate in research offered by our firm or any company that is a member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), you can expect that:


Your personal information and identity will be kept confidential.


You will never be sold anything or asked for money.


You will never be pressured or influenced on how to answer any questions.


Your decision to not participate or to discontinue your participation will be respected.


You will be provided with details of any compensation offered for your participation if


You can verify that research you are invited to participate in is legitimate using CRIC’s Research Verification Service. A CRIC Research Verification Service code will either be provided in the invitation or upon request.


You will be informed of the name of the research company and the purpose of the research.


You will be given the approximate time required to participate in the research.


You will be informed in advance if the interview will be recorded or if additional information such as your location will be collected and of the purpose for collecting that information.


You will be contacted at reasonable times and, where possible, you will be offered to be
recontacted at a time that is more convenient.

We welcome your feedback on our research.

Feedback on any CRIC member company can be provided through the CRIC Research Verification Service here.

For more information on how Mustel Group protects your privacy, click here.