Amplifying the Voices of the Silent Majority

Fostering inclusive public engagement through market research

Traditional avenues of public engagement often fall short of capturing the diverse range of voices within a community. While town halls, online panels and social media platforms play a role, they tend to attract individuals who are already actively involved in civic matters. This results in decision-making and policy formation that may not fully represent the values and interests of the broader public. To ensure a more inclusive and representative dialogue, it is essential to seek out the perspectives and opinions of a wider cross-section of society. Market research, conducted with a focus on inclusivity and diversity, can help to amplify the voices of the silent majority and provide a more accurate reflection of public perspectives.

For example, housing affordability has become a pressing concern across BC, with skyrocketing prices and limited availability. While public discourse tends to highlight the voices of homeowners and activists, the silent majority—renters, young professionals, and low-income families—often face the brunt of this issue. By engaging with this underrepresented group, market research can gain insight into their challenges, aspirations and expectations related to housing. This information can help policymakers, real estate developers and urban planners design affordable housing initiatives that are better aligned with the needs of the public.

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