Topline Results within 24 hours

We promise always to provide topline results within 24 hours of fieldwork completion for any research study we do.

Never miss a deadline

We undertake never to miss a firm deadline – our clients can claim a 2% refund of our fees if we do for any reason that is under our control, and within the original project scope.

Always deliver on budget

We always deliver on budget – once a project has been piloted, we will never exceed the approved research budget provided the project stays within its original scope.

Keep you informed

Whenever a problem crops up in fieldwork (and let’s face it, in real life they sometimes do), we will always inform our clients within 24 hours of the problem, and how we propose to fix it.


We never compromise on the integrity of our research samples.

Executives are always accessible

Our executives are always accessible – we assign two experienced client service people on each project, so there is always a back up contact who is aware of your project.

No templates

We commit to understanding our clients’ businesses to make sure that the research technique we propose is appropriate for the task in hand. We never shoe-horn a project into a pre-existing research template for our own convenience.

Presentations are never just the results

Mustel Group research presentations are never just the results – integral parts are the conclusions, recommendations and strategic thinking that follow on from the study.

Make changes to questionnaires at any time

We are truly flexible – we undertake to make changes to questionnaires at any time up to the day before the fieldwork. We fit the research schedule to your timeline, not ours.

Committed to your success

Our commitment to your success never ends – we are available for comment, opinion or advice on any study we do at any time after the project has ended – even years afterwards.