Mustel Group has been a leading player in the market research industry for over 25 years, because we have enthusiastically dedicated ourselves to producing outstanding research studies for each and every project we undertake.

Uniquely amongst our peers, we actively commit ourselves to delivering the highest level of service to our clients - hence our Client Charter promises. Not only do we say exactly what we mean in our Charter, we also mean exactly what we say.

At Mustel Group, we understand that every client has unique and sometimes complex needs. So our research process has been designed to highlight research goals and expectations with clarity and precision right from the outset. Which means you get exactly what you need to move your organization forward.


We are equally rigorous with our fieldwork and analysis, keeping you directly informed every step of the way. So that you know your research is explicitly directed at satisfying your needs.

When its time to report back with the results, you will find that Mustel Group research isn't only about finding out what is going on, it is equally concerned with what you can then do to achieve your goals more effectively.

Because we are dedicated to the success of every project we do. Really.

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